01 januari 2012

Spam about Camtica and JCopia by Jiteco, Inc

Internet Troll velu ill artlibre jnlNotera: Detta inlägg är på engelska för en internationell publik.
Note: This is publiched in English for an international audience.

I have on a few occations received spam from a company identifying itself as Jiteco, Inc. The actual sender have been different. The first one was claimed to be from a "Jennifer Johnson" while the latest instead claimed the name "Deborah Gill".

The content was always the same. They asked me to write put a link to their software. Either JCopia or Camtica. What strikes me is that the software itself is very trivial and that there are plenty of other options that don't cost money. Also that the resort to such unethical ways as spam to promote their software should say something about what type of company they are as well as the quality of their software.

Some gullible bloggers seem to have fallen for their trick while others are more savvy. Chet Loggins wrote a review of JCopia. Well, not as much as a review actually since he never finished the installation since he suspected JCopia may be malware. As for Camtica The Technology Muse wrote a message regarding the fake reviews Jiteco's spam may cause and how low confidence you should have in such "reviews".

In summary: Don't support spammers!

Update:  Since this was published I received another e-mail from the person claiming to be "Deborah Gill" with a simple message of "fuck you very much". I guess Jiteco don't spend that much on their public image.

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